See quick results and save on travel time with online nutrition support. For your convenience, I offer nutrition advice via Facebook messenger, phone and Skype. From £19 per month.

Keep in touch on a regular basis via Facebook messenger:

    • Ask questions at any time
    • Be inspired with motivational messages
    • Receive delicious recipes
    • Listen to voice recordings teaching you more
    • Watch videos
    • Replies within weekdays
    • All of this accessible from your phone
    • You do not need a Facebook account to use Facebook messenger


Online consultation via Skype or phone:

    • Complete an online questionnaire beforehand to allow for research of your individual needs
    • Up to 1 hour consultation
    • Learn about possible reasons for health problems you may have
    • Have your questions answered
    • Discuss and set realistic health goals
    • Receive detailed diet and lifestyle advice, including cooking tips
    • Get optional supplement and test recommendations
    • Information provided to you in a health improvement pack via email



1 month 2 months 6 months
LITE programme
* Unlimited messaging via Facebook messenger

Buy LITE programme

£39 £29 / month
(£58 total)
£19 / month
(£114 total)
FULL programme
* 1 hour consultation per month (Skype or phone)
* Unlimited messaging via Facebook messenger

Book an appointment

£190 £160 / month
(£320 total)
£120 / month
(£720 total)