“Kyla was very helpful in helping me establish healthy eating habits during my pregnancy. I was very unfortunate to suffer with extreme nausea and anaemia and lost a lot of weight, so was very keen to seek some advice on what to eat and how to control my symptoms.

She helped me with recipe ideas, meal planners, types of foods that would help with maintaining good weight gain and keep me from feeling unwell, as well as prescribing supplements for me. She helped me to enjoy my pregnancy and I am confident that should I need advice for myself or my family on any health matters, I will definitely go back to her.”

Maxine Da Silva

“Kyla’s passion for her work was apparent during our consultation. The seemingly small changes she suggested I made to my diet were easy to follow, and have been of significant benefit. I have been able to maintain a more healthy balanced diet with relative ease since seeing Kyla. She is extremely knowledgeable in her field and I would recommend her to anyone without any hesitation.”

Kwun Pang

“I first went to see Kyla when I felt my that training was suffering. I am a very active person in the gym and am also a Muay Thai practitioner but was losing my energy levels the recent years so I wanted some good advice. I had a general knowledge of nutrition before I met Kyla but after my sessions, she has increased my knowledge of what foods to consume and at what times. Since then I have been performing more prominently, my energy levels are sky high and my recovery rate after training is accelerated.

Kyla is a great nutritionist, she explains everything clearly and concisely and has a wealth of knowledge. She has a very friendly and understanding approach and I recommend anyone that is considering for a boost in your nutritional needs to definitely see her. Thanks again Kyla!”

Ian Tse

“Kyla did a marvellous job for me telling me how to avoid kidney stones after a long series of operations to get rid of them. She made it very easy and gave me clear follow up care. Thoroughly recommended.”

Wendy Stevens

“Many thanks for your excellent teaching session on Eating for Cardiovascular Health. The session was perfectly pitched at the audience of Cardiology registrars and very well-researched. The reference to current British Heart Foundation guidelines provided a thorough basis for the talk and allowed for discussion to flow well. The talk was well-presented and easy to follow. Additionally, your evidence-based suggestions for healthy dietary advice were extremely welcome and helped to dispel many of the misconceptions that abound when it comes to how to eat well.

The feedback from the doctors present was very positive and from talking to colleagues after the session, everyone felt that they had learnt something – not just in terms of advice to patients but also for their own dietary health. Thank you for helping us to negotiate the minefield of spurious nutritional advice and feel more confident when advising our patients on making long-term changes for their health”.

Freya Morgan

“I will admit, I am quite lazy, and my lifestyle is totally sedentary. I have Graves’ Disease, and like most patients of an autoimmune disease, I also get flare ups of other inflammatory illnesses. I get urticaria, psoriasis and other skin flare ups (particularly when stressed).

However, since starting to use TREAT, my skin hasn’t had any flare ups of any sort, and I’ve lost 7lbs, purely by changing my diet. My thyroid bloods are now in normal range, and I’m no longer on medication.

Kyla has been an absolute pleasure to interact with.  She’s understanding of my dislikes (I hate walnuts and celery!) and will always offer me a different choice that still meets the goals of the particular challenge. She’s friendly and easy to talk to also”.

Fiona Maher Gomez

“Since downloading the TREAT app in Jan my diet had changed considerably and I’ve noticed that my skin is so much calmer and I’m not using all my steroid creams as much. I also found after the first month my psoriasis wasn’t as bad and it made eating healthily for me even more rewarding.

At first I found some of the changes difficult, especially having to give up cake (that’s cake with refined sugar), I simply love cake! But with Kyla’s guidance and recipes I was able to replace bad foods for good and delicious healthy ones. Also the TREAT app helped in staying on track with specific challenges, which kept me on my toes”.

James De Winter